A good marketing idea that engages your customers and achieves results costs money. A bad one that doesn’t can cost the same.

When we first started Limpet, over twenty years ago, we set up a few house rules to ensure that what leaves our door is the good stuff.

We will never commit ideas to paper before we have fully understood the client's offering, researched their competitors and found a way to differentiate them and grow their business.

We will always look for the big ideas and the most cost effective solutions because big ideas work and throwing money at bad ones doesn’t.

Good marketing solutions evolve and corrections along the way are part of the process so we won’t charge for these.

We will stick to these house rules be our client a big multi-million pound company or a small business around the corner.

We have been working this way since 1993. Our clients like it, we like it and we believe you’ll like it.

The colour of money.


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